Barber School Utah

As a barber school in Salt Lake City, Collectiv Academy’s barbering program hones you into an imaginative and adaptive professional barber, ready to take on this competitive industry.

Our barbering program is taught by industry experts with years of experience working for male clients at successful barbershops. Learn everything there is to know about cutting, styling, trimming, shaving, and more. You will gain a considerable skillset that allows you to evolve creatively and reach your dreams.

Hair Artistry

A great barber is an artist – he or she has a sharp eye and impeccable taste, with a practiced hand in cutting hair, shaving beards, and styling.

Good barbers know the importance of building rapport with clients and fellow barbers. He is a team player and listens carefully to the requests of his clientele. Each snip of the scissor and each buzz of the shaver are carefully orchestrated to bring out their best features.

Start a Great Career

Applying at our Utah barber school is just the first step in starting a great career. We mentor our students closely, honing their skills and developing their creativity. We provide hands-on technical training under the supervision of a seasoned professional, giving them the insights and feedback they need to excel in the industry.

Gain your barbering licensure in Utah with Collectiv Academy and pursue an exciting career. Enroll with us today.