Barber School Utah

Collectiv Academy is a barber school serving Salt Lake City and Midvale, Utah where aspiring hairdressers can jumpstart their career in the beauty industry.  As you progress towards gaining professional certification, you will develop an artistic and competitive edge. After our intensive barbering course, you will be ready to take on the industry. Learn the delicate art of hairstyling and gain insights from the pros in a fun and supportive environment.

Learn the Art of Hairstyling

Our intensive and hands-on hair artistry course lets you develop a sharp eye and impeccable taste, articulated in the latest techniques in cutting, shaving, and styling. More than that, you will develop the imagination and attitude that make a good barber. After the course, you’ll also learn how to listen well and build strong relationships with clients. Everything it takes to make you ready for the real studio is taught in this course.

Make a Mark in the Industry

While our barbering course is merely a first step towards starting a professional career, we prepare our students for success, early on. Each snip of the scissors and buzz of the shaver is a step closer to working at some of the country’s premier salons. Under the direct supervision of seasoned barbers, you will get constant feedback and support with each hairstyling technique. With this hands-on approach, coupled with the best barbering tools, you get to refine your talent.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a career-switcher with an eye for beauty and fashion, Collectiv Academy is your ticket to a successful hairdressing career. We are the barber and hair school of choice for aspiring hair stylists in Salt Lake County, Utah, with majority of applications coming from Salt Lake City and Midvale.

Enroll today and make your dream career happen.