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June 1, 2017

Caring for Highlighted Hair

Hair coloring is a big part of the salon experience for many people, and at Collectiv Academy, our program will give you all the expertise and knowledge you need to serve customers in this area for your entire career. We’ll take you through everything from the basics to the complex details, making you a hair coloring expert in no time.

Hair highlighting has been popular for many years and remains so, one of the largest individual areas within hair coloring. Clients with highlighted hair are often very particular about caring for it and maintaining its precise looks – here are a few tips you can give to such clients about detailed highlight care.

Deep Condition

Highlighted hair can become highly porous and lose moisture easily, making a deep conditioning once a week or so an absolute must. Advise clients to apply roughly once a week after shampooing, and then leave on for about 10 to 15 minutes, either with or without heat. This will help return moisture to the hair, and add shine and bounce that may have been naturally lost more quickly. With this and any other products used, be sure to check that they’re PH balanced to be gentle on colored hair.


Especially in a dry or sunny area, pre-soaking hair and using conditioners can go a long way, especially before days when a client will be outside for long periods. Advise them on tactics to prevent hair dehydration.

Baby Trims

If highlighted hair gets too dry, the ends can begin to fray as they become more fragile. To avoid these kinds of split ends, advise customers to return every eight to 10 weeks for a baby hair trim. This will keep the hair healthy, and also keep their style fresh.


Keeping highlighted hair protected from excessive temperatures is very important for keeping it healthy. If clients are using any heated tools, such as a hair straightener, apply a thermal protector first to protect the structure of the hair. If possible, advise clients to reduce blow-dry time, and allow highlighted hair to air dry as often as they can.

Highighting hair is a timeless style, but it’s just one of the color services you’ll learn while attending our cosmetolgy program. To find out more, request an info pack today!

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