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salon: 888.908.3211 admissions: 888.602.4377

Industry Information

What Are the Physical and Safety Requirements of the Industry?
As with most occupations, cosmetologists must exercise many safety precautions. Listed below are several that we feel are extremely important to observe.

  • Wipe up spills immediately as a fall may result from a wet floor, also, Hair MUST be swept up at all times.
  • When turning on the water, the shampoo hose must be held firmly to prevent spraying the client.
  • Water temperatures must be checked before use.
  • Hair cutting implements are sharp and must be used cautiously.
  • General safety guidelines must be followed when using electrical appliances.
  • It is imperative that you read all instructions for use.
  • You must also read all instructions for use and disposal of chemicals.
  • Test often for allergic reactions to chemicals as recommended by the product manufactures.
  • Also, do not allow a client to hold a child during the service.

Physical Demands of our Profession
Cosmetology is a very demanding profession. It requires a lot of standing which can lead to a variety of leg and foot problems. A quality shoe can help to eliminate some of these problems. The repetitious work involving the arms and hands can result in a condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a wrist problem that may require surgery. It is important that cosmetologists use quality implements and hold them correctly. Upper and lower back strain is sometimes experienced by cosmetologists and is usually the result of improper chair height.

Information on Salary and Job in Cosmetology

How Much Money Can You Make?
(Compensation Potential)

Our goal is to prepare our students to be financially successful in their cosmetology career. This profession offers a variety of opportunities at several levels and success will depend on the individual’s initiative and expectations.

Many salons, (particularly chain salons) offer an hourly wage in addition to bonuses and benefits such as health insurance and paid vacations. This type of salon generally has an established client base. Traditionally, salons pay their employees on a percentage basis. This usually means a smaller income initially as it takes time to build a clientele. The most common split is 60/40, with the salon providing all the products used.

You can lease a station within a salon and start your own business. Known as Booth Rental, a monthly rental fee is paid to the salon owner for the space and you in turn run your own business and everything that would entail. The rental averages in our area range from $500.00 to $1,000.00 per month. Booth Rental is not recommended until you have an established clientele, but it is an excellent way to go once you do have a clientele.

It is also relatively easy to become a Salon owner, established salons are frequently available, the cost of starting a new salon is much more reasonable than many types of businesses.

The future employment opportunities for cosmetologists are very positive. There are many entry level positions waiting to be filled and income potential is only moving upward. A recent survey of cosmetologists in our area shows a broad range, from $30,000 to $100,000 plus per year.


An NACCAS Accredited School

The COLLECTIV Academy accreditation is from the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences (NACCAS). National accreditation allows us to participate in US of Dept. of Education financial aid programs for those students who qualify. NACCAS is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as the national accrediting agency for cosmetology & esthetics schools. Schools that are accredited have met national standards of educational performance which have been determined by a neutral non-governmental agency. NACCAS is recognized under the provisions of Chapter 33, Title 38, U.S. Code and subsequent legislation.

Accreditation of a respective school is the most respected and trustworthy indicator of a school’s dedication to integrity towards its students and superior education. For more information, contact:

The COLLECTIV Academy is licensed as a Corporation in the Salt Lake CIty, Utah under city ID #52809
COLLECTIV Academy is also licensed as a Cosmetology/Barbering School with the State of Utah Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing under license # 80115615610

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[COLLECTIV] really pulled me in with how nice and welcoming [they] are and how clean and how well [they] portrayed the school.

Student Testimonial

The education was the best in the valley.

Student Testimonial

Noticed how they are really there to help the students… [They] want us to know the basics and more.

Student Testimonial

I absolutely love going to school here. It’s rare that you don’t see both owners on the floor working with students. The space is creative and welcoming, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Tyler Hope Magee

When I graduated COLLECTIV Academy, I knew that I was educated at the highest level and that I was going to do great in the industry

Student Testimonial

I absolutely love going to school here. It’s rare that you don’t see both owners on the floor working with students. The space is creative and welcoming, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Student Testimonial
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