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salon: 801.561.5610 admissions: 801.891.1892

Story of Collectiv Academy

And the story behind our success…

We have assembled a team of highly qualified individuals with a great depth of knowledge and experience in their respected fields, ensuring that each student receive the best possible training program and has a positive experience. Our vision is to create a community where training is accessible, easy to understand, and rewarding for everyone. Where talented hairdressers serve students to become their best and give them the richest perspective of how the industry can serve them in creating a highly successful living.

Our team has experience with owning both private and franchise schools. At COLLECTIV Academy we understand what makes a great school and how to keep the education at a global standard. This makes our perspective unique and gives us our competitive edge.

A Place to Learn, Have Fun
Under promise, over deliver…

The state board qualifications to obtaining a cosmetology license is required to be taught in schools. These requirements are a short introduction into this vast industry. However we know we must go beyond state board minimum requirements to create an opportunity to become industry fierce.
‘Industry Fierce’ is creating highly desirable , competitive hairdressers for today’s marketplace.

We know what “Industry Fierce” is since our team has several decades of experience running successful salons, basic and advanced hairdressing academies. Having worked for global education and product companies, we understand the secrets to retailing and we know how important it is to under promise but over deliver to exceed our students expectations. And, how to create a modern salon environment with an exciting atmosphere within a school. After all, that is one of the main attractions to this profession, to work hard but have FUN doing it!

Our Mission

To deliver an exceptionally, relevant education that prepares students to be industry fierce.

-Kenny & Lenore Gibson

A Few Words About Us…

Students choose COLLECTIV Academy because of the strength of the program itself. COLLECTIV Academy students receive a formal hairdressing education designed by the owners, Kenny and Lenore Gibson. They trained thousands of hairdressers globally, on an advanced level, with TONI&GUY Hairdressing before being asked to re-invent the cosmetology education for TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy, transforming the way a traditional school looked and operated.

They bring to COLLECTIV Academy the same educational savviness used to teach licensed hairdressers for decades so that students graduate with knowledge beyond their years of experience, making them a fierce competitive hairdresser. In other words “Industry Fierce”.

For Kenny and Lenore it’s more than a business, it’s living up to a personal standard and a vision of giving students a true “behind the chair” educational experience.

We believe being taught in a multifaceted environment focusing on proper technique, critical thinking, and hands-on learning. The small-scale of the School facilitates an individualized educational experience and fosters a close relationship between students, faculty, and staff.

Our approach to cuts, color and styling is uncomplicated, wearable looks with a modern tone that clients ask for. COLLECTIV Academy students graduate knowing dozens of haircut and coloring techniques as well as how to problem solve the requested personalized techniques they will face in the salon daily. Along with how to provide an excellent customer service experience.

Meet The Team

Kenny Gibson

Owner/ Creative Director | Thirty plus years’ experience in education, Kenny has trained hairdressers worldwide as a successful platform artist and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry He ended his tenure as President of TONI&GUY Academy and Salon Divisions in 2014. His energy is contagious and is committed to this industry.

Lenore Gibson

Owner/Education Director | She has been a successful stylist, a talented educator and manager of education for 29 years with TONI&GUY Hairdressing. At her time there she also mastered how to market and manage the brand image holding the Vice President of Marketing position for 15 years. Her experience gives her all that’s needed to create a great environment for COLLECTIV students.

Kimberly Hightower

Academy Director | Kimberly is a New York native that has made Salt Lake City her home.  She owns her own Studio Salon where she continues to work her craft. Kimberly brings to the table her vast experience in sales, retail and recruitment which she adapts and shares for this industry. She has a love of coaching individuals and has knack for color! She’s found her calling in hairdressing!

Teddy Button

Education Director | Teddy is a dedicated professional that understands the power of a good fundamental education early in one’s career. He has spent the over 15 years seeking to improve his own skills by studying many of the leaders in our industry and has chosen to lead COLLECTIV students in their own journey to be great.

Jamie Libby

Instructor | Jamie has been a salon owner and freelance stylist for over a decade. She was the lead stylist on several major motion films. She joined the COLLECTIV educational team in 2017. We couldn’t be more lucky to have her sharing her skills with our future professionals.

Lindsey Bushman

Instructor | An experienced hairdresser of almost two decades, Lindsey joined COLLECTIV Academy in 2019. Born and raised in Salt Lake City she has a passion for all aspects of Barbering and much knowledge about the business side of running a salon and managing income. Great asset to our team.

Mykle Troye

Instructor | Born and raised in Utah, Mykle works on clients in a salon while working part time at COLLECTIV Academy bringing relevant information to our students. Constantly honing his skills to be the best the industry has to offer. He participates in photo shoots working with models to keep his creative talent growing.

Alissa Woodhouse

Financial Aid Coordinator | Alissa has made a career in helping others reach their goals . Previously working as a teacher and event coordinator, she has impeccable customer service skills and a high level of professionalism. Her organized methods along with her meticulous planning has made her a perfect fit to assist students in their financial journey to attain their dream career.

Arianna DesJardin

Instructor | Arianna works in a salon developing her skill with every client while focusing on current trends. She loves to spend time creating for photo shoots. Her passion lies in the craft of cutting and teaching. She grew up in Santa Cruz California making art, drawing and collecting oddities. We love her influence as she works part time with our students giving a true artists experience.

Emily Fillerup

Instructor | Emily is an a well rounded stylist with an advanced education and more than 20 years experience working in multiple areas within the beauty and fashion industry including salon ownership, education, editorial, runway and television. She currently serves clients behind the chair and works as a freelance hair and make up artist in SLC. She believes fostering a positive learning environment while instilling a high standard of foundations leaves a lasting impression for students to establish a long and successful career.

Allie Bashore

Enrollment Counselor | Raised in Okinawa, Japan as a child, Allie has called Utah home since returning to the States. She is a self proclaimed “military brat” with parents both serving 20 years. Allie is a licensed Cosmetologist and Master Esthetician. As an artist, painting is a part of her life working with watercolor and acrylic. Favorite quote”Being kind to others is being kind to yourself! Let her positive influence comfort you as you navigate choosing the best school for you!

Advanced Creative Team

Heath Grout

Executive Creative Director | VP | Photographer | Heath Grout, formally Global Creative Director for TIGI Professional, joins the team, leading the creative education systems and collaborating on branding and production development through New York City based branding company, Agency Nomadic and production company, 18 Rabbit .

Put your trust in COLLECTIV Academy and let us do what we do best, to train individuals beyond today’s hairdressing standards, to live up to our own personal standards, and to raise the expectations of students so that we may contribute to the future of this amazing industry that we know and love so well!

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When I graduated COLLECTIV Academy, I knew that I was educated at the highest level and that I was going to do great in the industry

Student Testimonial

Noticed how they are really there to help the students… [They] want us to know the basics and more.

Student Testimonial

The education was the best in the valley.

Student Testimonial

There have been times when I’ve believed that maybe this isn’t the career for me. But …thanks to Hair Camp, I feel much more confident.

Student Testimonial

I absolutely love going to school here. It’s rare that you don’t see both owners on the floor working with students. The space is creative and welcoming, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Tyler Hope Magee

. . . I love this school and the education that I am receiving. The owners and teachers are amazing at communicating and teaching traditional and current styles. This is the best cosmetology school in Utah that prepares you with what you need to know to be successful in your new career . . .

Kayla Novak