salon: 888.908.3211 admissions: 888.602.4377
salon: 888.908.3211 admissions: 888.602.4377
Will You Help Me Find A Job When I Graduate?

You’ll meet many industry professionals while in school so you’ll have a lot of opportunities to network and decide where you’d like to be! We provide placement assistance, but we can’t guarantee job placement.

Can I Request A Special Schedule?

Our detailed, planned program doesn’t allow for special allowances in the full or part time schedule. We have a short time with you and want to take advantage of every moment. If you had to miss any classes, training, etc., it could have a long-term effect on your career.

If I Start Part Time Can I Then Move To Full Time?

We encourage most students to start full time however if you need to start part-time we would be happy to move you to full-time when you’re ready. With either schedule you’ll get a quality education experience.

May I Transfer From Another School?

We welcome transfer students if you are currently in good standing, you have resolved financial commitments to your previous schools, and we have availability.

What If I Need To Take Time Off During School?

We encourage you to make the commitment to attend school everyday as your curriculum builds upon itself each day that you’re here. There are calendar days that you are allowed to miss however good attendance is required to make the most out of the program

What If I Graduate In Your State And Then Move To Another State?

Every state has its own requirements for licensing. We will be happy to help you to research prior to relocating.

Do We Have Holidays Off?

We close on the major holidays. Please check our student catalogue for details.

Do You Have Night Programs?

We only offer day classes so that we can have your undivided attention, being alert and ready to learn.

Do You Have A Cutting And Coloring System?

We have a distinct system of approach and communication style that allows our students to really understand the “how and why” to what they are learning so they feel competent upon graduation.

Do You Have A Nail Only Program?

We only offer a full cosmetology program that includes nails.

When Do I Start Performing Services On Salon Clinic Clients?

You will begin taking clients after you have been taught the fundamentals which will be 8 weeks into the program. Before that you will have the opportunity to bring in family and friends as models

Can I Work On My Family?

You can start performing services on family members on Saturdays while learning the fundamentals, before you begin taking clients on the salon floor. After you begin performing services on the salon clinic floor your family members can come in anytime!

Is the esthetics program available only at the Texas location?

As of now, the esthetics program is exclusively offered at our Texas location.

What’s the difference between cosmetology and esthetics?

Cosmetology and esthetics are both fields in the beauty industry, but they focus on different aspects of beauty and skincare. Cosmetology is a broader field that covers various beauty services, including haircare, nail care, makeup application, and skin care. Esthetics specifically focuses on skincare and facial treatments.

What are the licensing requirements for estheticians in Texas?

In Texas, estheticians are required to be licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). The licensing requirements include completing an approved esthetics program, passing the state licensing exam, and meeting certain educational and training criteria. Additionally, applicants must be at least 17 years old, have a high school diploma or equivalent, and pass a criminal background check. Once licensed, estheticians can legally practice and provide skincare and esthetic services in Texas.

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The education was the best in the valley.

Student Testimonial

Noticed how they are really there to help the students… [They] want us to know the basics and more.

Student Testimonial

There have been times when I’ve believed that maybe this isn’t the career for me. But …thanks to Hair Camp, I feel much more confident.

Student Testimonial

When I graduated COLLECTIV Academy, I knew that I was educated at the highest level and that I was going to do great in the industry

Student Testimonial

I absolutely love going to school here. It’s rare that you don’t see both owners on the floor working with students. The space is creative and welcoming, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Student Testimonial

five stars

As soon as you walk through the doors you'll notice a VERY clean school, beautiful furniture and fresh flowers. Their reception area and staff are friendly, fashionable, and professional. You'll also be offered beverage. Once greeted by your service provider a thorough consultation is given by the student alongside with one of the academy's world renowned instructors. The student body are well dressed, professional and knowledgeable. You will love everything that this academy has to offer. Best cosmetology program in the universe hands down.

M. Beale
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