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August 22, 2019

Tips for Your Utah Fall Hair Care Routine

It’s hard to believe, but summer is coming to a close. As we head into this fall season, we can’t wait to see what new opportunities are waiting. From starting a new school year to trying out all the new fall trends, there’s a lot to be excited about. One thing you may not be looking forward to is switching up your hair care routine. Transitioning into something new is often overwhelming and that’s no exception for your locks. We’re here to help ease your hair’s transition into Utah’s fall weather with some tips on how to keep your hair healthy and glowing even in the cold!

Lower the Shower Temperature

We know that this is likely the last thing you want to think about when the temperature starts to get cooler, but it’s all for the sake of your hair’s health. Taking a hot shower can strip your hair of its natural oils that keep it protected and moisturized. To prevent dry hair, try to keep the water at a warm or lukewarm temperature while you wash your hair. The cooler water is not only good for your hair, but your skin as well. Just make sure you don’t go outside with your hair wet. The cold, dry air could cause breakage and split ends.

Moisturize Your Hair

If you’ve just washed your hair with cooler water and you’re wondering what else you can do to protect your hair, look no further than moisturizer. We can’t stress enough how important is to keep your hair moisturized in our dry climate!If you’re wondering which moisturizer would work best for your hair type, then getting advice during an appointment at a salon could be a great idea. Everyone’s hair is different and what works for your friends may not be the solution you need. Getting professional help on your specific hair care routine could be your start for a new season of healthy hair!

Drink Plenty of Water

You should always be drinking enough water throughout the year, but sometimes it can be hard to remember during fall and winter when you don’t feel as hot. Your body still needs the benefits that drinking enough water can give you. Those benefits include helping with your hair by hydrating your scalp and preventing split ends! Drinking water plays a big part in moisturizing your hair and with Utah’s dry weather, it’s definitely going to need it.

Invest in a Humidifier

You may think that once you’re inside, you don’t have to worry about protecting your hair anymore. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. As the hot summer months end, it’s time to turn on the heater! While that may feel great, the hot air could cause your hair to dry out and irritate your scalp. Your hair deserves a break, which is why investing in a humidifier could be a great solution. This way you can relax with the temperature set to what you want and know that your hair is getting the treatment it needs!

Trim Your Hair Regularly

Like our other suggestions, this tip is something that could help your hair no matter the time of year, but is especially useful during cooler months. The cold, dry air can be bad news for your hair by causing your ends to become brittle and break. With the cooler temperatures, we recommend getting trims more often than you would in the summer. This can help your hair grow faster and look healthier!

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Want to Learn More About Hair Care?

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