Cosmetology School Utah

Collectiv Academy is a cosmetology school in Salt Lake City, preparing future beauty professionals for a successful career. See what it takes to become a licensed cosmetologist in Utah and also have fun every step of the way. Our cosmetology course will give you the foundation that you need to become a skilled, creative professional with a competitive edge in the industry. At Collectiv Academy, we push our students to be Industry fierce – fun, fearless individuals who are not afraid to stand a cut above the rest.

Beauty and Artistry

A cosmetologist is a beauty artisan – an expert in the aesthetics of hair, skin, and nails. A cosmetologist is dynamic, driven, and a master of her craft. She is on top of current trends, but doesn’t stop there – she is a trendsetter herself, sharing her artistry with the world.

She is skilled with the tools of the trade and has a keen eye for detail and beauty. A great cosmetologist connects with her clients – she is their stylist, their counselor, and brings out their best features. She has the knowledge and the skills needed to bring their vision to life, using the best canvas there is: the human body. A fresh face, gorgeously textured hair, and perfectly painted nails – a cosmetologist’s art brings confidence to her subjects.

Begin Your Career

At our Utah cosmetology school, you will gain a deeper understanding of the skills needed to become successful in this career. From core basics to advanced techniques, you will learn the secrets of hairstyling, manicures, and makeup artistry.

Work with beauty industry professionals with over 30 years of cosmetology experience, and perfect your craft through our intensive, hands-on training program. Become a licensed cosmetologist and begin an amazing new career path. Enroll with us today.