Ladies aren’t the only clients in a given salon – guys come in as well, and at Collectiv Academy, our cosmetology school programs will keep you fully prepared for both genders. One big item that’s often unique to men? Beard care.

A beard is a growing style element for men these days, and an increasing number are willing to seek help with theirs at the salon. Here are a few tips you can give clients on growing, shaping and maintaining a beard.

First Month

The first month of growing a beard is vital, and it will take some discipline. Most good beard stylists do not recommend any heavy-duty shaving, shaping or trimming for the first month or so – obtaining a solid beard takes about this long. This gap helps clients understand how their hair naturally grows on the face, and gives an idea of what kinds of shapes will work well. It also gives a long enough period for a foundation to grow in.

Skin Type

Especially for men who have never grown a major beard before, determining skin type before getting started can go a long way. Dry skin, oily skin and sensitive skin may all have different requirements for growing a proper beard, and a stylist trained at Collectiv Academy will have all the expertise to advise clients in these areas.


Many stylists recommend moisturizing a beard daily, and using the proper materials. Coconut oil is a popular product that smells good and washes out easily, plus adds nutrients – once again, this is an area where you’ll be able to give numerous recommendations based on specifics once you’ve been through our programs. Moisturizing helps keep the entire face, not just the beard itself, healthy.


Clients should know that as they go down the bearded road, the skin may protest at times. Itching is one of these primary methods, but that doesn’t mean folks should take the first major itching episode as a reason to grab the razor and give up. For clients who can’t manage the itch, it will be up to you to recommend new products or strategies to keep things more comfortable.

It may not be the fad it once was, but the popularity of beards isn’t likely to go away any time soon. That’s why we made mustache and beard trimming part of our program. If you’re ready to begin your journey toward being a beauty professional, apply today.

The salon is for men just as much as it’s for women, and for many men, one of the primary reasons they visit is for beard services. At Collectiv Academy, our barber school program includes all the knowledge you need to shave, trim and style the various beards you may see in the field.

What are some of the chief considerations you have to take into account when working with a variety of beards as a barber? Let’s take a look at some of the most important factors in styling a beard.

Style Options

Everyone’s hair grows differently, and as a stylist, you’ll be expected to give tips and advice on the sorts of styles that might match up with a person’s hair. Maybe a client is in love with the idea of a thick, logger-style beard…but their facial hair is spotty and relatively thin.

It’s your job to find the right ways to lead them in a different direction, and one of the best ways to do this is to have a better alternative at the ready. We’ll give you all the little tricks to spot good style options based on your clients’ hair growth.


All employers will view beards differently, and some of your male clients may ask you for your recommendation on keeping it “professional” within the workplace. These customs can vary slightly depending on local culture, so as a barber, be up to date on these sorts of trends. In addition, being as knowledgeable as possible on acceptable standards will help you give the right advice.


There are dozens of great shaving products on the market depending on the individual need, and a big part of your job is pointing clients in the right direction. We’ll give you detailed training on the full range of products, and how to spot which might be right for a particular beard style.


Different parts of a given beard, especially a big one, will grow in different directions. For the man who desires a well-combed beard, some “training” of the beard will be required – this involves repeated combing in a certain direction to define its growth and shape. You’ll need to know the proper techniques here, plus how to accomplish them without causing any pain or discomfort.

With classes starting every month, you could be cutting beards like a pro sooner than you think. If you want to learn more, schedule a tour. If you can already see yourself behind the chair, apply today!