A big part of the salon world involves clients on the go who need quick services, and as a student in our cosmetology program, you’ll learn how to properly manage these clients within your schedule. One of the most common areas of need here is generally makeup – many clients may just need a quick touch-up or alteration before a big meeting or an important date.

We’ll give you the tools to handle all these sorts of requests at Collectiv Academy, but here’s a free taster: Some tips on quick makeup tricks for clients (or yourself) on the go.


For anyone trying to look less tired in a hurry, mascara should be the first outlet. A quick process around the eyes can do the trick in mere moments: First curl the lashes, then pull them inward and then back outward an equal number of times.

Then comes the major trick, where you paint each individual lash with the vertical want tip – this seems like it would be time-consuming, but in reality it should only take about 10 seconds per eye. Finally, wiggle the wand across the bottom lashes to pop them out as well, and you’ll have a wide-eyed, awake look.

Skip Lipstick

Lipstick can be a bit more of a time-waster than it might seem on the surface, and more importantly, you often don’t need it to create a great look. You can use a basic lip balm and a tiny amount of tone crayon or lip balm to blend your skin tone into the rest of your makeup – with the right gloss application, this will make your lips seem fuller and better-toned without the hassle and potential mess of lipstick.

Conceal the Right Areas

Knowing the right areas to conceal can save you boatloads of time for a quick touchup. You don’t necessarily need to cover the whole face to get rid of the little signs of tiredness or wear on the face. Instead, focus on these areas: Above and below the eyebrows, directly below the eyes following the cheekbone, at the bottom corners of the nose, and just between the lips and the chin. These are areas that are prominent on the face, and a quick touchup can give the look of a full-on makeup job.

Looking for more make-up tips and tricks? Read about how to combine make-up and sunscreen or the differences between powder and liquid foundation.

You’ve heard friends or family members bragging about how their life’s work was their “true calling,” and we all know that just as often as not, this is a nice story that probably isn’t entirely true. Many of us stumble into our careers for one reason or another, and there’s nothing wrong with this!

Many others truly do know their calling early in life, though, and at Collectiv Academy, we’d like to think our cosmetology school students are a big part of this group. Cosmetology is just one of those things where you often know from an early age that it’ll be what you do your whole life. What are some of the early signs that you might be just right for a career in cosmetology?

First Resource

Have you suddenly started to notice that you have a growing list of friends and family who consistently come to you first for everything from makeup advice to a little hair alteration? Are you actively in charge of the beauty profile for a half-dozen other people besides yourself? Looks like the answer is right there in front of you: A career doing exactly that could be right up your alley if you love seeing those phone calls.

Socially Outgoing

The social element is a huge part of the salon experience. If you’re a creative person who often expresses that creativity outwardly and can get along with anyone, you’ll be right at home.

Early Trials

In many cases, you’ll know well before you even reach high school age that you’re fit for a career in beauty. Maybe you insisted on doing your own hair as a young child, or developed a reputation in middle school as the school’s best makeup artist. These are tea leaves begging to be read.

Different Timetable

Best of all for many people, the world of cosmetology offers the sort of scheduling freedom that many of us crave. This isn’t a boring desk job with a cubicle, and the hours won’t look anything like one of those. Your workload depends entirely on you, and this is perfect for motivated people who want the freedom to manage their time in their own way.

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