A big part of a career in the salon involves giving advice. Your clients come to you for your skills and techniques, but also for a professional opinion on many different elements of beauty.

At Collectiv Academy cosmetology school, we’ll mold you into a stylist who not only provides the right services, but provides the proper advice and tips. In particular, skin care is very important to many people, and you’ll get lots of questions in this area. Let’s look at a few very general tips you can give clients for keeping their skin healthy at home.


This is the basis for all skin health programs. These three elements go hand in hand, and will help keep your skin looking fresher and younger.

Fist, use warm (not hot) water to wash off the face, and a non-soap cleanser to soothe the skin. This should be one of your clients’ first practices every morning From here, promptly apply the correct moisturizer – doing so soon after washing will help more moisture to be held in the skin.

Avoid potentially irritating additives, especially if you have sensitive skin, and limit long showers and baths to 15 minutes or so. Make sure clients are removing makeup every night before they go to sleep, as excess makeup can damage the skin.

Diet and Habits

Many people are unaware of how vital diet and other habits are to healthy skin. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins your body needs to promote healthy skin, plus important antioxidants. Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids also contain a number of beneficial nutrients.

Down similar lines, avoiding smoking and excess alcohol can go a long way. Smoking narrows blood vessels in skin and causes earlier aging, plus depletes it of vital vitamin C. Alcohol also damages blood vessels, and can dehydrate the skin. Where possible, advise your clients down these lines.


Poor sleep quality will make the skin look older and more droopy, and can help form bags under the eyes. Getting the right amounts of sleep can help naturally avoid this.

The Sun

Skin aging can be heavily accelerated by long term exposure to the sun, especially during high-intensity hours. Clients should be reminded that sunscreen is vital at least 20 minutes before venturing into the sun for a longer period, and long sleeves are recommended whenever possible.

As you can see, there are lots of factors that can impact skin health, and lots of ways to improve it. You’ll learn all this and more while attending our cosmetology program. To find out more, request an info pack.

At Collectiv Academy, our hair school is designed to give you all the knowledge and techniques you need for a successful career in the field. Our program prepares you not only for the technical requirements of the job, but also the marketing and client-related considerations you’ll need to be on top of.

Some of these latter items can become some of the most important factors in moving your career forward once you leave our barber school. Here are a few broad tips for success in hair styling after cosmetology school.

Find Your Niche

There are plenty of hair stylists out there, and you want to set yourself apart wherever you can. Maybe you do very well with bigger hair styles, or maybe you specialize in bright colors – there’s no need to restrict yourself entirely to these areas, but emphasizing them to clients can help build your niche. You can gain a reputation in a single area, which is typically much easier to cultivate than a broader reputation where you have so much more competition in the field.

Customer Service Skills

You could be the most skilled hair stylist on the planet, and it wouldn’t matter much if you had no people skills. From the moment you begin a consultation until a client walks out of your salon, you’re providing them a professional service – and you need to act like it. Smiles and laughs are one thing, but truly understanding their needs and connecting with them is another. People really notice the latter.

Marketing Yourself

Your salon may give you some assistance in certain areas, but in the end, it’s up to you to market yourself. Social media and the internet are great options – keeping your own updated website is never a bad thing, even if you’re part of a larger salon. Just like above, you could be the best hair stylist ever and it wouldn’t matter much if you couldn’t put your services in front of people.


Your services aren’t all you should be selling, either. Emphasizing products helps you in more than one way: Not only does it add to your potential revenue sources, it gives your clients a more professional feel when you recommend the right products for their situation. When they’ve seen your suggestions pay off a couple times, you’ll start to build that loyalty that every good stylist has from their top customers.

These are some of the ways that you can stand out from the crowd as a beauty professional. To find out even more ways to be successful, contact us to speak with one of our expert instructors.